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So,What Is A MasterMind Anyway? Q & A Call

What Is A mastermind Group? Join us & find out

In a couple weeks, there will be a free Mastermind group starting to help people meet or exceed their goals for a more profitable year for their business. This free group is to allow people who have never been in a MM group get some experience of what it’s to be in one.

 We will meet monthly and use a FB group to interact in between meetings. More details will be given on the call.

This call is for those interested in joining this or any Mastermind group and esp for those who have never been in one and have questions.

You’ll learn:
* What a mastermind is & what makes a good mm group
* Who it is for and who it is not for
* What happens in a mastermind session

RSVP & get login details at our MeetUp group

 I have led mastermind groups since the mid 80’s on various topics from weight loss & parenting to business startup & growth.

Why join one? Personally, I see a huge drop in productivity & sales whenever I am NOT in a group. Almost every successful person has some sort of a support system whether it’s a mm group or coach or mentor.

This week I will be in Maryland visiting my son, so this meeting will done using Uberconference which one of the services I use for online meetings because it allows people to join by phone or by web. I can share my screen & everyone can share their screen too.

It’s very similar to Hangouts except there is no video and it’s much easier to join. I think it may be the least resource intensive service which is a concern of mine. I’m not sure how good the internet connection will be at the hotel. Even if it’s bad, we can all connect by phone

RSVP & get login details at our MeetUp group


  Questions that you’d like to see answered on the call?



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