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Tackling The Techie Stuff

Training For Small Businesses and professionals

The technical tasks of putting your business together is probably the #1 obstacle of small businesses and entrepreneurs. When you look at all the things that need to be done, it can be quite overwhelming, and can make a person freeze and stop forging ahead. When broken down into small steps, they can be quite manageable.

This site has business training with minimal focus on the technical side for those who plan to outsource much of the work. Then there is more in-depth training for those who plan on doing it themselves, VA's  ( Virtual Assistants), and Consultants who provide technical services to small businesses and need to increase or improve their knowledge and skills.

The training doesn't stop at just the technical side of business. It also includes marketing strategies, new trends, website security, cool tools and resources that every business owner should be using, many of them free.

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FREE Training

This is designed for the non-technical business owner or entrepreneur. The trainings focus on taking the confusion and overwhelm out of your business, by tackling the easy to do tasks such as editing or adding new content to your site and knowing what things to outsource.

There are awesome free tools available that will make certain tasks more automated, save money and or time, or simplify daily tasks.

These bi-weekly trainings are all about you and YOUR business. We may have a general topic, but those attending determine the flow by the questions that are asked.