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What Do We Do & How Can We Help You?


Build a solid foundation and watch your business grow

 We have a more in-depth training and coaching for Small Business Owners, Virtual Assistants (VA’s), Business Consultants, and Freelance professionals.

I work with individuals- even in a group. Everyone is different, your needs and goals are totally different from anyone else’s, but the basic technical how-to’s and marketing principles are the same for every business.

I most often work with those just starting out with little or no idea what to and how to do it. I also work with established business owners that are struggling and wonder what step they are missing, not doing correctly, or just stop dead because they feel overwhelmed and confused.

The free trainings, concentrate on the very basic things you can do yourself as well as some awesome free or very low-cost tools, strategies, resources available that will make managing your business easier while saving you time & money.


For Small Business Owners and Consulting / Coaching Professionals

We have training for the small business owner or professional that wants or needs to learn the very basic tasks – that which they can do themselves maybe to save money or just understand what’s involved so they can feel empowered and be more informed when outsourcing. Anyone who has been BS’d, overcharged for outsourced work, or had their web designer suddenly quit or fall ill will appreciate this. Knowledge is power.

It’s very empowering to know that when things happen you can jump in and do the simple things yourself. You no longer have to be at your designer’s beck & call. Things can be done at YOUR convenience and not at someone else’s.

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For Those Who Want To Go Deeper, We Got You Covered Too

We provide more in-depth advanced trainings for those that want to or must do it themselves and for professionals such as Freelancers, Consultants, and VA’s who want to increase their skill-set and make more money.

We go into much more detail than in the free trainings. We cover online business from A – Z, including the technical how-to as well as marketing strategies and business management.

Coaching/ Mentoring

There are many components that when in place will make a business a success. So I do offer coaching services for those that need step-by-step help getting all those pieces to work together and put a solid plan of action in place to ensure continued growth. Book a 15 min appointment with me to learn more. You can also visit my other site to find out more about coaching services

A goal with no action is just a dream- Join a mastermind group and make that dream reality New Mastermind Group This is where the REAL work gets done. A group of action takers who brainstorm ideas, help and support each other, share knowledge, challenge each other. The last one I started included all this PLUS monthly challenges to get everyone up & going. I have lots of ideas for this group, and can’t wait to get it started.

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