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Tackling The Techie Stuff

Training For Small Businesses and professionals

The technical tasks of putting your business together is probably the #1 obstacle of small businesses and entrepreneurs. When you look at all the things that need to be done, it can be quite overwhelming, and can make a person freeze and stop forging ahead. When broken down into small steps, they can be quite manageable.

This site has business training with minimal focus on the technical side for those who plan to outsource much of the work. Then there is more in-depth training for those who plan on doing it themselves, VA’s  ( Virtual Assistants), and Consultants who provide technical services to small businesses and need to increase or improve their knowledge and skills.

The training doesn’t stop at just the technical side of business. It also includes marketing strategies, new trends, website security, cool tools and resources that every business owner should be using, many of them free.

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FREE Training

This is designed for the non-technical business owner or entrepreneur. The trainings focus on taking the confusion and overwhelm out of your business, by tackling the easy to do tasks such as editing or adding new content to your site.

There are awesome free tools that will make certain tasks more automated, save money and or time, or simplify daily tasks.

Trainings will alternate w/ having a specific topic and open Q & A, where the session is all about you and YOUR business.

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Techie Training

We have available training programs for VA’s, Consultants, or those who want or need to do things themselves.

Because everyone’s level of skills and knowledge are different, I thought the following method would best serve our members.

There are step by step training videos and checklists, worksheets, etc for you to access & use anytime you need help in the member’s area. We have weekly calls in our training room, where we can focus in on specific areas you or your VA may need help with. We can go over anything that you found confusing in the videos or help you with a specific project.


Mastermind groups are a group of people with similar goals or ideas. They are tremendously effective with helping it’s members achieve and excel their goals.

The way I conduct mastermind (mm) groups is with regular calls, a forum to brainstorm ideas and get help in between the calls, to support and celebrate with each other, and now with Facebook, maybe a secret group where we can quickly connect with each other. I would love for us all to meet somewhere for a weekend retreat at least once a year, hopefully more.

Anything discussed on the calls or in the forum are confidential and stays within the group. The end goal is for us to help each other excel in our businesses, whatever goal that is and beyond.

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Need more help?

Private coaching  is an option for people that need more individual help. You can choose anything from an hour to a 12 month program. This is where we can really dive into your business and make it as unique and special as you are. Why just have a cookie-cutter business, when you can be a shining star!

There are several options to choose from: VIP Days or short or long term programs. Maybe you just need to brainstorm a new product idea or maybe you could benefit from on-going support and training.

Whichever you choose, our time together will be focused on you and YOUR business and how to best achieve your goals and desires. We’ll always go at a pace that is comfortable to you

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